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Air and Ground Combined Transportation

 Since the formal operation of Qingdao airport bus station, 13 transport enterprises participated in the 25 bus operation, such as airport bus station, express companies. We reached our goal: access to 28 cities, 107 departure daily. We made a breakthrough of Air and Ground Combined Transportation.

 Brand Effect

Relying on the abundant resources of Qingdao airport, we implement unified ticket, unified inquiry, unified security, unified departure.

 City Effect

  Qingdao airport bus station has opened lines for Jiaozhou, Huangdao, Weifang, Rizhao.

Synergistic Effect

Airport operation security, transportation management department and transport enterprises effectively cooperate to meet the passenger travel demand, and effectively enhance the " Air and Ground Combined Transportation" operation modes and operational quality.

 Catalytic Effect

Qingdao Airport is improving overall strength of the bus terminal business, and continues to create new opportunities for airport development

Talent Effect

The airport is very focused on the development of talents. We will keep searching for transport development opportunities, continuously improving the management standard.