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Check-in Location

You can go to the corresponding counter to check-in according to the airlines.

Specific Location

Domestic Flight

  • Shandong Airlines/SC, Air China/CA: T1, Zone A

  • Qingdao Airlines/QW: T1, Zone C

  • China Eastern Airlines/MU, Shanghai Airlines/FM: T2, Zone D

  • Other domestic flights: T1, Zone B

  • You can check the corresponding counter of your flight on the flight information display screen at the entrance of the domestic departure hall according to the flight number.

  • You can choose Self-service Equipment to check-in except for Spring Airlines. The terminal is equipped with multiple self-service equipment for domestic passengers. We suggest you to check-in using Self-service Equipment 50 minutes before the flight take off, because seat selection is intuitive and easy to operate. What needs to be reminded is that your luggage needs to be checked-in at the corresponding counter if you have.

International Flight

  • All international and regional flights: T2, Zone E

Check-in Time

  • Starting Time of Domestic Flights: At present, domestic flights of Qingdao Airport adopt the whole open check-in way, starting 90 minutes before the first flight take off. Others can check-in anytime.

  • Deadline of Domestic Flights: The domestic check-in counter will close 40 minutes before the flight take off.

  • The starting time of International Flights is different according to airlines’ regulations. Please pay attention to the tips on the ticket or consult airlines. You can check the corresponding counter of your flight at the entrance of the international departure hall according to the flight number on your ticket.


Domestic Flight

  • According to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Safety Inspection Rules which have been officially implemented since January 1, 2017, the types of valid ID cards for domestic passengers are included: Resident ID card of Chinese mainland residents, Interim identity card, Passport, Certificate of officers, Civilian cadres card, Compulsory military service card, Sergeant card, The civilian personnel certificate, Employee identification card, Police officer's certificate, Certificate of armed police soldiers, Seaman's book; Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao; Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents; Passport for foreign passengers, Diplomatic personnel certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China, Aliens' permanent residence permit; Other valid ID cards stipulated by the Civil Aviation Administration.

  • Valid ID cards for mainland Chinese residents under sixteen years old also include Birth certificate, Household register, Student's identity card or Identity certificate issued by the public security organ at the place where the registered permanent residence is located.

  • Attention Please: Infants under 2 years old should buy baby tickets to get on board.

  • Domestic passengers should use the same effective identity document when they buy tickets, check-in and go through security.

International Flight

  • You should check in with your own valid documents and visa, such as passport, entry card, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao, travel permit, etc.

If you have any problems ,please call the airport inquiry number: (86+)0532-96567. Thanks!