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Qingdao New Airport Terminal Invitation for Bids

Qingdao New Airport will be located in west of Dagu River and east of eastern outer rim, between Jiaoji railway and Jiaoji passenger express. It will be 11 km northeast from the center of Jiaozhou and 39 km from the center of Qingdao. The terminal will be built to look like the Chinese character “Qi” with the innovation of five corridor and comprehensive traffic modes. This new airport is aimed to be the first three-dimensional transportation center nationwide including airline, railway, and subway, enabling transportation throughout the city within an hour. The construction of the airport’s proposed 478,000 SQM terminal commenced in 2015 and is scheduled to be complete in 2019 serving 26 million passengers when it is fully operational.

Business Positioning. Airport retail features peculiar merchandise from Japan and Korea. Targeting brands renowned both domestically and internationally, the new airport focuses on non-aviation business including shopping, dining, and entertaining, creating a travel experience that reflects Qingdao’s hospitable spirit.



Management Philosophy. Qingdao Airport Group reinforces a win-win strategy during the negotiation process with merchants. Merchants will be required to adhere to a fair-pricing policy to ensure that the traveling public will not encounter prices that are higher than those for similar products outside the airport in order to attract upmarket brands.

Merchandise Layout. Shop layouts at the new airport will arrange 4 centralized shopping areas. These areas will provide clear and functionally efficient routing that ensures optimal orientation with less time delay for travelers, featuring cuisine, keepsake and designer brands.


Retail Format. The airport is projected to build a business area of 40,000 SQM with up to 200 retail shops including dining, Korean and Japanese merchandise, designer brands, retailing and entertaining. Passengers can choose from a variety of food and drinks that range from quick and inexpensive to gourmet establishments. The choice of restaurants is as international as its passengers. The airport also enables passengers to experience world-class shopping from luxury brands and designer fashion to an extensive range of merchandise from Korea and Japan.

Supporting facilities: The Ground Transportation Center (GTC), hotel and VIP building are interconnected, which greatly reduces the walking distance. The comprehensive transportation center is scheduled to have the commercial space of 10,000 square meters, being able to satisfy the entertainment requirements of catering and shopping for the passengers, airport staff and surrounding residences; Hotel projects include: 241 sets of luxury rooms in the Grand Barony Hotel, 327 sets of middle and high class guest rooms in the Barony Park Hotel. The hotels are equipped with multi-functional room, dining, cafe and meeting room. The two hotels are operated and managed in unity, being capable of satisfying the requirements of medium and high-end guests in terms of business travel, catering, meeting and entertainment; the VIP building is equipped with 18 VIP rooms of small size, medium size and large size, featuring the checking in system and security check channel of comprehensive functions. It could also provide the pick-up service for high-end commercial customers throughout the whole process. Besides, the VIP building also sets sections of rest, self-help dining and SPA, satisfying requirements on different catering and entertainments for VIP customers.



Schedule. There will be three bidding rounds.

Round 1: May 2017

Round 1 features dining, designer brands, duty-free shops, etc renowned internationally.

Round 2: October 2017

Round 2 features dining and designer brands and renowned domestically.

Round 3: March 2018

Round 3 features Recreational Service.

Investment Promotion Conference

Qingdao New Airport will be holding the investment promotion conference in March 2017. Please don't hesitate to contact us if interested. Invitations will be sent out upon request.

Issuing Agency: Qingdao International Airport Group Co. Ltd.

Phone: (86)532 83788923, (86)532 83788927


Contact: Mr. Li, Mr. Zhao

Address: 99 Minhang Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China.